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Welcome to the Rare Canadian Art website where we celebrate the passion, the life and the art of French Canadian artist Gerald Dwight Byron.

A contemporary, cohort, comrade and friend of fellow Quebec artist Marc-Aurèle Fortin, we attempt to reconstruct Gerald's extraordinary life and tell the story of how he and his paintings were rediscovered. We also offer you a private viewing of some of his great Canadian treasures. Truly, he and his paintings are an integral part of Canadian art history.

A Reflection of Françoise 
A Reflection of Françoise 

We sincerely hope you enjoy our efforts to share Gerald Byrons' art.

After viewing the gallery someone recently commented on how seemingly effortlessly he was able to capture and convey the intangible such as an emotion, a thought, a brief memory using only something as mundane as palette and canvas.

But then again, do we really understand how a smell, a glimmer of light on the water or some other external stimulus can remind us of times and people past?

As you get closer to Gerald's art, you realize you are looking into the heart and soul of the artist now gone but somehow still alive in each molecule of pigment and stroke of the brush. He is reaching out. Calling. Inviting us to look at life through his eyes - to experience what he saw and felt as he applied brush to canvas.

We are forever grateful to the late Françoise Byron-MacDonell, Gerald Byrons' widow, for sharing both the story and the art of her beloved husband with the world.

For the story of how I met Madame MacDonell please click on "The Story" button at the very top of the page. The Biography button leads to the story of Gerald's life. And finally, the Gallery button takes you to the web gallery of Gerald Byron's artwork.


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