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The following morning of Sept 11, 1961, Françoise answered the telephone. With a guttural gasping sound she asked the person on the other end to repeat himself. It was the police department notifying her that her husband had passed away from an apparent heart attack while on the train. It enshrouded her darkest fear. She dissolved into tears.

In the depths of her grief she wondered to what degree did Gerald suffer. Her biggest regret was feeling such a sense of guilt for not being present in his time of need. As night approached she began to understand the magnitude of what had occurred. The thought of Gerald continued to fuel the pain. Acquaintances attempted to comfort her but it was to no avail. Françoise seemed distant and unapproachable. In reviewing her state of affairs, she concluded it would not be honorable to continue with the upcoming exhibition and art sale. She chose to retain every piece of her husbands art. She vowed never to sell any of his collection while she was alive.

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