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Françoise was horrified but relieved as Gerald appeared stumbling down the pier as smashed as fine china in a tornado. Past episodes showed he was inclined to this type of behavior. He staggered towards the commotion and the flashing of lights. Finally he groggily figured out the search was for him. However in this state he wasn't particularly concerned. She didn't know whether to unleash a tidal wave of anger or hold him endlessly till her fear subsided. Then, in a moment of clarity she looked up and recognized her father's ship. He was the captain of the massive cargo ship docked at the pier.

She immediately knew Gerald was a willing participant in a reunion with her father. With fury in her eyes, her pent up and suppressed emotions erupted as she demanded to see her father. The deck hands kept her from boarding the ship and prevented who knows what from happening to their captain and ship. Her stern suggestion to Gerald was to remain on board and don't bother returning home. In desperation he attempted to come up with an appropriate explanation for his behavior without success. This is all she was prepared to say about this incident.

His countenance changed from one of joviality to an expression of profound sadness which seemed to ravage his features. He was accustomed to his wife's attentive nature. Françoise was a nurturer who tolerated and perhaps even encouraged his youthful and sometimes even childish behaviour and attitudes. Françoise admired his self esteem but also acknowledged his existence as fragile. They were well suited for each other as a point and counterpoint relationship. Where one was weaker the other made up the difference but their personalities were remarkably similar, as sweet as apple pie. Their life style could be summed up as remarkably candid.

Moving as though the weight of the entire earth was on her shoulders Françoise retreated and began her long walk back home. Her emotions strained as she had no one to share her sorrow with. She still eagerly awaited his return throughout the night. Her heart was empty without him. Her eyes filled with tears. It was the wish of her heart for Gerald to be there. She felt utter shame for her actions.

Then the phone rang, there was silence then Gerald in a choked voice apologized profusely and professed his desire to be back home with her. She was struck by the simplicity and love in his voice, she was greatly relieved. But, he assured her, after his trip by train the next morning to Farnham, Quebec he would return and be by her side and never to act foolishly again. He promised to try and never hurt her again. By the same token the delay gave Françoise ample opportunity to prepare for his return.

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