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The Story- Page 5

In the course of our many conversations, François and I discussed what would be her ideal memorial to her husband. After some pause she replied that she would of course like to see the art displayed in its own gallery but the ultimate memorial would be a motion picture chronicling the life of her beloved husband and his struggles to represent in art the people and places that had moved him so deeply. We would muse about this again and again.

That a further reason for this web site - to use it as a platform for a preliminary motion picture presentation treatment or synopsis. That is, It's the full story in its simplest form. Rare Canadian Art will use this site as a precursor to obtaining a movie contract.

Prior to her death, she would occasionally write down her final desires on paper. Her specific direction was to (a) dismantle the art collection. (b) Organize the transportation of the artwork to a safe location for one year. Then I, the executor, was to (c) be responsible in presenting the art to the trustee. The trustee was authorized to carry out all of her wishes. She implemented an agreement with the trustee that they possess sole control of the complete art collection which consists of ninety four pieces under the conditions as she had put forth on paper:

(1) In agreement the trustee is not permitted to charge a fee for any present or future services.

(2) Pursuant to the sale of a first artwork to fund a task force committee whose sole mandate is to explore the feasibility for the acquisition, purchase and adaptation of a suitable location to house an art museum exclusively dedicated to Gerald Byron's art or,

(3) Explore the possibility of donating the remaining art collection to a Quebec museum under the council of Rare Canadian Art.

(4) A strict policy on the limited sale or auction of two pieces of art to raise money for the above stated properties.

(5) To cease all sales there after.

These monies and assets will help fund the establishment of a Gerald Byron art gallery and provide the means to achieve the recognition due to this Canadian Masters existence.

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