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The Story

In the early 50's as a young child, my family and I were frequent guests at the Byrons' residence. My parents were thankful to acquaint themselves with people of such grace and charm. The Byrons' consistently involved my family and I in their festivities. On just about every occasion Gerald would immediately find an excuse to escort me into his studio with the sole purpose of encouraging my interest in painting. As you can imagine these visits had a lasting effect upon me. I would easily describe Gerald as a gentle and highly sensitive man. His wife Françoise constantly presented me with examples of her kindness, generosity, love and yes wisdom. They regarded me as they would a son. I was totally captivated by their affection towards me and Gerald's knowledge of art.

The end to this relationship came quickly when my parents transferred to the Vancouver area. Although the memories of those events came in waves throughout the intervening years, it was hard to dismiss the notion Gerald and Françoise were ancient history. My interest in painting may have diminished over the intervening years but not the memories. Subsequently, fifty years have passed and I still preserve the images of Gerald Byron's rich and accomplished landscapes deep within me. I firmly believe few can match the historic significance of his art and very few artists in the past or present can compete on artistic merit.

Following the untimely death of my beloved wife who succumbed to leukemia after a tortuous and brave six year fight, it became apparent that a turning point in my life had arrived. My need to go forward and seek closure was essential. I needed to find some new meaning for my life, something that would rally my being into a new found energy. I embarked on a journey to Montreal, back to the place of my earliest childhood memories.

Upon my arrival, I searched all the easy sources for any information on the Byrons' but without success. I broadened my search from art galleries, art supplies stores and frame shops. At one of the art supply stores one of the employees faintly remembered an elderly lady who purchased a large amount of frames from the establishment many years earlier. With great patience the proprietor located the invoice. It identified the purchaser as Françoise. Was this just a coincidence, or just pure luck. I felt unable to assume control of myself. The beauty of the dream has arrived.

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